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This website  was created in order to disseminate our Erasmus Plus Project entitled with " YOUROPE: YOU IN EUROPE" to be held between 2017- 2019. We are the staff / teachers/ students/ parents...etc. of 5 European schools which are Agrupamento Escolas Colmeias from PORTUGAL, Özkent Akbilek Ortaokulu from TURKEY,Lıceul Teoretıc Mıkes Kelemen from ROMANIA,Soukan Koulu from FINLAND, Debreceni Vörösmarty Mihály Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Muveszeti Iskola from HUNGARY. Among these schools; Agrupamento Escolas Colmeias from PORTUGAL is responsible for the general coordination of this project.

We are happy to announce that we did not set off to create a project just to make a project; on the contrary, this project  spontaneously came from a real need. Most of today’s young people know little about what happens in the world and in Europe in particular. Some Erasmus+ projects place European citizenship/agenda as a collateral topic, but we want to put it in the centre of attention, committing our students to their role as Europeans. This project is all about YOU in Europe and not somebody else. Thus, we believe that it has a strong European added value. Students also show strong prejudice towards others, not realizing that their culture, context and experience are different. The target groups to be addressed are students aged 10-15. The main aim is to promote: a mind broadening, intercultural communication, social inclusion, knowledge of the similarities/differences between cultures and traditions, plus a positive attitude/respect towards others.

This project meets a common urge of the teachers involved to change the course of action in their schools in a complementary/experimental way. As the project deals with the European dimension, it makes sense in a transnational context. Both teachers and students, and even institutions from different countries, need to be in contact, compare their contexts and exchange opinions and experiences.

During this project, the work will be planned as follows to reach our goals:

- 1st year – Theme: “GLOCAL EUROPE (balance between what’s gloBal and Local)”: activities focused on the Past of Europe, to better understand the Present;

- 2nd year – Theme: “What about tomorrow?”: activities focused on the Present and Future of Europe and what each of us can do to build a better Europe.  

 Please share your ideas/ comments, join the discussions and follow us to see what are doing.


Our Bulletin Board for the First Year:



Second Year As a pdf Document