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Soukan koulu is a Finnish comprehensive school that provides basic education for more than 580 pupils from first to sixth grade and preschool classes. All in all there are thirty groups and a staff of about forty teachers and eleven ATs. About one third of the pupils attend immersion classes. The immersion language is Swedish. In each grade there are groups for ten or less pupils for pupils requiring support. The average size of the classes are between twenty and thirty pupils, and might even differ from that. Immersion pupils start with immersion Swedish at the age of six in preschool and continue so until ninth grade. Only some of the subjects are taught in Finnish.


In Finland schools provide first language lessons. So pupils who have Finnish as their second language, if it is not Swedish, are given opportunities to study their native language. In Soukan koulu pupils attend first language lessons in more than twenty different languages. Soukan koulu facilitates some of them. The biggest languages are Russian, Estonian and Arabic. About one fifth of the pupils have Finnish as a second language.


Soukan koulu is located in Espoo, the second largest city of Finland.  Espoo is a large city hosting ICT companies and Aalto University. Soukan koulu is in a  Espoo suburb called Soukka. The first blocks of flats were built in 1970s. Around the center of Soukka we have a long coastline and some small islands in the Gulf of Finland. This means that we have pupils from very different cultural and socio economic backgrounds.

ICT is a big part of our school. We have today almost 300 iPads, 100 laptops and many other devices and equipment. Most of the iPads and laptops are in carts that the teachers can borrow for their class. In a  few classes we have 1:1 iPads and the students get to use them daily in school and at home. We get to be part of many pilots testing out different kinds of new technologies that then get rolled out city wide. ICT is especially big in Finland and Espoo now when our new curriculum has arrived which emphasizes the use of ICT in education. The students have to learn broad skills in using technology from everyday life all the way up to coding.


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