Our school is situated in one of the suburbs of Debrecen. The school is among blocks of flats, where the population is more than 15000. We have about 506 students from 6-14 in 8 grades.

Our institution,  Vörösmarty Mihály Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola  is one of the largest school of Debrecen’s  block of flats area. 506 students are studying here in 8 grades.  The average of students are 30 in each class.  The total number of staff is 54, 47 teachers  and 7 supporters of the teachers’ works.  There are three people in the school management: a headmaster and two vice headmasters.

Our curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Human Resources. The school has some extra curricular like football, iceskating, and in the art school music and drama. Our school is divided into two parts: a primary school and an art school. The art school has a prominent role in the basic music and drama education. Its activity takes place in the afternoon after the school lessons.  The primary and art school together try to compensate the disadvantages of students and develop the talented ones. 

 The living standard of the students families is low. Many of the students are from broken families and most of the parents are unemployed. Students have lack of the right social behaviour, the correct sample of communication. Many students need to be helped in an individual way during the lessons and out of the lessons. There are extra lessons being held in the afternoon after the compulsory hours. Talented students have opportunities to develop their skills with the help of teachers in afternoon lessons in small groups. Those who have difficulties in the learning process can get help from teachers by attending individual lessons. We have specially trained teachers for catching up these students.

We provide a unique training for students: in the field of sports, they have the choice of playing floorball, ice hockey or volleyball, have ongoing competitive opportunities and the possibility to gain experiences and success.  We emphasize foreign languages:  English and German may be chosen.  We offer them  a higher number of language lessons than the national average.  We constantly improve our school library which can we visited  during the day.  The library provides them with the possibility of  preparation for classes and self-education.  The library is the place and organizer of many programmes, competitions and preparation for projects. 

Our school has a rich cultural and sports life: we often organized lectures and tutorial sessions for parents and special shows  for kindergarteners.  Our school is becoming more and more popular, many parents want to enroll their children into our school.

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