Agrupamento de Escolas de Colmeias is a group of 18 schools, namely a comprehensive school, 8 primary schools and 9 kindergartens, all under the same management. The project will be developed by some of the students attending the upper-grades of the main school, which is called Escola Básica Integrada (EBI) de Colmeias. This comprehensive school includes about 350 students. There are 21 classes and 28 children with special needs, including seven with severe disabilities, especially in the area of Autism. There are 64 staff members, between teachers (44) and other personnel (20 people). The School Management team (Headmaster and 3 assistant teachers) values the development of projects and supports the teachers and students' initiatives in all possible means. The school is situated in a rural area, at middle distance between Lisbon and Porto, in the centre of Portugal. The nearest city is Leiria, which is 16 kilometres away from EBI Colmeias and the Atlantic Ocean is 30 kms away. There are many students coming from lower-income families and with a poor cultural background, what makes this project even more important.

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