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 We live in Covasna County which is one of the most interesting region of Romania. Charles Prince of Wales has got some estates next to our town, Sfântu Gheorghe. The majority of the County’s population is of Hungarian ethnic, they call themselves Seklers. Dracula’s castle is situated very close to us, but don’t be afraid, statistically we are the safest area in Transylvania / Romania!  
Liceul Teoretic Mikes Kelemen is a comprehensive school, with elementary, middle and high school sections.  It is one of the best schools in Covasna County. In our school learn about 1100 students in 42 classes. There are 74  teachers members, 2 school librarians and 34 other personnel.
Liceul Teoretic Mikes Kelemen has always been an innovative institution, because we consider it a bridge between cultures. We live in Romania, but the teaching language in our school is in Hungarian. Our students go many times abroad, especially in Hungary to participate in competitions, performances and other kind of activities with students from other schools.