Work Plan

The responsibilities will be distributed as follows:

Portugal - general coordination, global communication between partners, creation of the database, final responsibility for the reports;

Romania –workshop on digital storytelling, creation of an interactive map;

Finland – mind map activities, workshop on coding, online storytelling;

Hungary – common questionnaires on the development of the project, scheme of the bulletin board;

Turkey – creation and development of website, filling in of the EU/EST platform, common dissemination activities (ex: eTwinning platform, Facebook page), production of videos.


1st Year :


 GLOCAL EUROPE: focus on the Past and Present;

A1. Presentation of the project by the local coordination team; preparation of M1

A2. General Website, Facebook group page

A3. Mysterious Class Game (previously)

A4. Project logo and its voting (Padlet and Survey Monkey - previously)

A5 Bulletin board no.1

A6 Meeting with local community

A7 Preparation of school/city/country/ educational system presentation (Prezi, Powerpoint, Movie Maker)

M1: Transnational meeting in Portugal:

-  A8 Revision of application form and planning of activities

- A9 Presentation of each school/city/country/educational system

- A10 Final version of questionnaires for students/teachers (Google forms)

A11 Applying on-line surveys (expectations, knowledge about partner countries, European institutions - Google forms)

A12 Preparation of the presentation of books and movies: emphasis on 2nd WW/Holocaust (Prezi, Book trailers)

A13 Celebration of the Day of the Victims of the Holocaust (27th January): focus on the “Righteous among the nations” (Exhibition, Videos on Powtoon)

C1 Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - Romania:

- A14 Presentation of books and movies (Prezi, Book trailers)

- A15 Workshop on Digital Story Telling for students/teachers, so that students produce stories about the 2nd WW/Holocaust

- A16 Preparation for construction of Interactive map

- A17 Mother-tongue activity (learning YOUR language)

- A18 “YOUROPE train”: each school/country adopts another school/country in the partnership and so on and so on, so that all are adopted

A19 Digital Story Telling presentations on “one month across borders”: participants interview old residents to ask about their lives and how they got affected by the war. Otherwise, they can do some research and create their own digital stories.

A20 Building Interactive Map of Europe (Google my maps)

C2 Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - Finland:

- A21 Transnational debate on interactive map; sharing experiences/discoveries

- A22 Reflecting on the past of Europe which led to the Declaration of Human Rights

- A23 Elaboration/Presentation of Mind Maps in transnational groups (mindmeister)

- A24 Workshop on Coding and/or Scratch

- A17 Mother-tongue activity

 A25 Celebration of Europe day, with an “Open day” in each school (exhibition of Erasmus+ work)

A26 Applying surveys for students/teachers: evaluating the first year activities; fine-tuning the project

A27 Intermediate report

A28 Keeping contact and making revisions for 2nd year


2nd Year:


What about tomorrow? (focus on the Future of Europe; what can YOU do to build a better Europe)

A5 Bulletin board no. 2

A29 General Revision of project, meetings at school and among coordinators

A30 Coding on the topic: “Human Rights”: each school prepares games via coding (Scratch,, Kodu) 

A31 Playing the games previously prepared

A32 Multilateral conversation - “What if I were a refugee in Europe right now?”:

a) group work, followed by debate. At the end, groups decides on ten priority items to put in a schoolbag if they had to leave the country in a hurry and become refugees;

b) on-line debate via Twinspace;

- A33 Visit to NGO working on “Refugees”

A34 “Christmas as a Refugee in Europe”: elaboration of e-Cards to share (Punchbowl)

A35 Preparation of Parliament Discussion about Human Rights

A36 “An ideal country in photos/drawings”: students take photos and/or draw people, landscapes, symbols, gestures, situations which, to them, represent an ideal country in terms of Human Rights

C3 Short-term exchange of groups of pupils - Hungary:

- A37 Parliament Discussion about Human Rights

- A38 “Europe on my school wall”: colocation of the previously selected photos in an emblematic wall of the hosting school as a symbol for the last mobility.

- A39 Games to stimulate self-confidence and ability to talk in front of an audience

- A17 Mother-tongue activity (learning YOUR language)

A40 Preparing online learning diaries (Tackk)

A41 Applying final surveys to students/teachers/headmasters – awareness of cultural knowledge about partner countries and evaluation of the project

A25 Celebration of the Europe day, with an “Open day” in each school

M2: Transnational meeting to Turkey

- A42 Final evaluation of the project - elaboration of the final report

- A43 Adjustment in the arrangements of activities for final dissemination

A44 Presentation of results and final products in the webpage

A45 Implementation of actions for the sustainability of the project

A46 Conclusion of final report

A47 Filling in the EU platform


A48 Designing of future collaborations

A49 Workshop for the local schools explaining/sharing experience